Yukon Provincial Nominee Program YNP (Yukon Immigration)

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program YNP (Yukon Immigration)

The Yukon PNP, or Yukon Nominee Program, is a way for people from other countries to come and work or start a business in the Yukon Territory of Canada.

The goal is to attract motivated and skilled individuals who can help boost the Yukon’s economy. Despite having a small population of just over 30,000, there is a strong need for skilled workers in both high-skill and low-skill jobs.

Companies in the Yukon are actively looking for skilled workers, and the government is interested in supporting new businesses to help the economy and the local community.

While many people try to go to popular provinces like British Columbia or Ontario, the Yukon Nominee Program, although less known, provides a straightforward way for people to become permanent residents in Canada.

Yukon Immigration Categories

If you want to move to Yukon, you have 5 options to choose from:

YNP StreamDescription
Yukon Express Entry (YEE)The Yukon Express Entry (YEE) program in Yukon PNP is designed for skilled foreign workers with a valid job offer for permanent, full-time employment in Yukon. Employers in the territory, facing challenges in finding Canadian citizens or permanent residents for job vacancies, can tap into the Express Entry pool of candidates.
Skilled WorkerThe Skilled Worker program is intended for foreign skilled workers sponsored by a Yukon employer for Canadian permanent residence. To qualify, you need to be employed in a job classified under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) as Skill Level 0, A, or B.
Critical Impact WorkerThe Critical Impact Worker program is designed for semi-skilled or unskilled workers employed in high-demand occupations in the territory. To qualify, you need sponsorship from an employer and a valid job offer from a Yukon employer. Importantly, you are not required to be in Yukon at the time of application.
Business NomineeThe Business Nominee program is designed for individuals with demonstrated business expertise who want to establish a new business, collaborate with an existing one, or acquire and run an established business in Yukon. It requires a readiness to make a substantial investment in your business based in Yukon.
Yukon Community PilotThe Yukon Community Pilot permits individuals already nominated to acquire a unique work permit, enabling them to work for multiple employers within selected Yukon communities. This pilot initiative is set to be in operation from January 2020 to June 2023.

Eligibility criteria for Yukon PNP

  • Age range: 22 to 55 years.
  • Valid job offer for either full-time or permanent employment from a Yukon employer.
  • Minimum of 2 years of pertinent work experience.
  • Scoring 65 points on the Canadian points grid.
  • Intent to reside and work in Yukon.
  • Verification of legal residence in the home country.

1. Yukon Express Entry

How it works

  • Job Offer: Receive a job offer from a Yukon employer. Employer verifies the unavailability of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Financial Proof: Demonstrate sufficient funds for settlement in Canada.
  • Express Entry Application: Complete and submit the Yukon Express Entry application form with your employer.
  • Invitation to Apply (ITA): Receive an Invitation to Apply from IRCC.
  • Document Submission: Provide all required documents to complete the permanent residence application.
  • Verification Process: IRCC and Yukon’s Immigration Unit verify submitted documents.
  • Permanent Residence Grant: Upon successful verification, receive permanent residence status.


Profile in Express EntryYes
Association with  ProvinceNo
Offer of JobYes
Proficiency in LanguageAs per Express Entry Program criteria
Education LevelAs per Express Entry Program criteria
Work ExperienceAs per Express Entry Program criteria
Investment RequirementNil

2. Yukon Skilled Worker Program

How It Works

  • Advertise Job: Employer advertises position locally and nationally in Canada. Ensures no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is available.
  • Job Offer: Employer extends full-time, permanent job offer.
  • Documentation: You and employer complete required forms. Employer submits application to Yukon.
  • Yukon Nominee Program (YNP): If the employer is approved by YNP, your information is reviewed.
  • Nomination and Permits: If approved, you get nominated by the territory. Use nomination to apply for Temporary Work Permit from IRCC and permanent residence.
  • Work in Yukon: Use work permit for employment during permanent residence application processing.
    Permanent Residency: After passing security, health, and criminality checks, become a permanent resident of Canada.


Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with ProvinceNo
Offer of JobYes
Proficiency in LanguageNOC 0 and A: CLB 7 NOC B: CLB 5
Education LevelHigh school
Work Experience6 months in NOC D or C
Investment RequirementNil

3. Yukon Critical Impact Worker Program

How It Works

  • Job Offer: Receive a job offer from a Yukon employer for Yukon PNP.
  • Advertisement and Eligibility: Employer advertises the position, confirming no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is available.
  • Documentation: Complete the required forms with your employer.
  • Application Submission: Employer submits the application to YNP.
  • YNP Approval: If the employer is approved, YNP reviews your information.
  • Nomination and Permits: If approved, you get nominated by Yukon. Apply for a temporary work permit and permanent residence through IRCC.
  • Work Permit Usage: Travel to Canada with your work permit. Work in Yukon while waiting for permanent residence application processing.


Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with  ProvinceNo
Offer of JobYes
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 4
Education LevelHigh school
Work Experience6 months in NOC D or C
Investment RequirementNil

4. Business Nominee Program

How It Works

  • Eligibility Check: Confirm eligibility for Yukon immigration. Submit your application on the Yukon website.
  • Approval in Principle: Upon approval in principle, submit a Business Plan outlining the business establishment strategy.
  • Investment and Ownership: Demonstrate a CAD $300,000 investment in the business. Maintain at least one-third ownership.
  • Temporary Work Permit: Apply for a temporary work permit.
  • Business Start in Yukon: Use the permit to travel to Yukon and initiate the business.
  • Meeting with YBNP Representative: Upon arrival, meet with a YBNP representative.
  • Additional Requirements: Fulfill requirements for the first and second years as a nominee in Yukon.
  • Support for Permanent Residence: If all requirements met in the two-year work period, receive YBNP support for permanent residence application to the Canadian federal government.
  • Work Permit Maintenance: Ensure possession of a valid work permit until obtaining permanent residence status in Yukon.


Profile in Express EntryNo
Association with  ProvinceNo
Offer of JobNo
Proficiency in LanguageCLB 4
Education LevelHigh school
Work ExperienceBusiness management and or ownership for 5 years
Investment Requirement

Personal Net Worth: CAD 500,000

Investment: CAD 300,000

5. Yukon Community Pilot

Yukon has a new immigration program called the Community Pilot in Yukon PNP or Yukon Immigration. It’s designed to meet the unique job needs in the area. If you qualify, you can get a 2-year Open Work Permit, but you have to work in specific locations. Yukon needs skilled workers to fill job openings.

Over the next 3 years, the government plans to invite skilled workers through the Community Pilot. The goal is to bring talented people to Yukon and fill important jobs.


  1. Offers must be from the same Yukon community.
  2. Work hours must total at least 30 per week.
  3. Jobs must be non-seasonal, indicating year-round employment.
  4. Employment should be scheduled, paid, regular, and consistent throughout the year.
  5. Salary must meet or exceed the minimum wage.
  6. Demonstrate experience aligning with job duties.
  7. Provide a Yukon Government-signed support letter.
  8. Meet specified requirements for a Canada Work Permit.

How It Works

  • Nomination and Support: Confirm nomination by Yukon for permanent residence. Obtain a signed letter of support from the Yukon government, affirming the urgency and authenticity of the job offers.
  • Include job details: employers’ names, occupations, weekly hours, and job locations in Yukon Immigration. 
  • Application Process: Submit the signed letter and a copy of the nomination letter from the Government of Yukon with your application.
    Apply online on the federal Canadian government website, with the application form dependent on your location.
  • Work Permit Benefits: Upon approval, the work permit allows working for up to three different employers in participating Yukon communities.
  • Permit Duration: The work permit is valid for 2 years.
  • No Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): The employer is exempt from requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment.


How long does it take to get PR in Yukon?

After you passed the eligibility the processing of your application would take around 10-12 weeks. And processing your PR in federal could take around 3 months more.

What are the requirements fo Yukon PNP?

Yukon Express Entry, Skilled Worker, Critical Impact Worker, and Business Nominee. Requirements vary, but generally include a job offer, relevant skills, and meeting specific criteria for each stream.

What is good score for Yukon PNP?

Different PNP streams of Yukon varies with different score, in order to eligible for Yukon Business Nominee Program, you must score 65 points.


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