OINP Masters or Phd Graduate stream Points Calculator

OINP Masters or Phd Graduate stream Points Calculator

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Masters or Ph.D. Graduate stream is designed for international students who have completed a Master’s or Ph.D. program in Ontario. OINP Masters or Phd Graduate Streams uses the same factors to score the applicants.

Points are awarded based on factors such as language proficiency, education, and work experience, with higher scores enhancing the chances of nomination for permanent residence in Ontario. You can check OINP’s latest draw to know more about your eligibility.

You can calculate your points through the Masters or Phd Graduate stream Points Calculator below or check the total points grid below to see the factors to score points in the OINP masters or Phd Graduate stream.

OINP Masters or Phd Graduate stream Points Calculator

OINP Masters or Phd Graduate stream Points Grid

These are the factors for OINP Masters or Phd Graduate streams that are used to assign points to applicants to get Notification of Interest (NOI) from OINP:

Calculate your OINP Scores through Ontario PNP Points Calculator

Factor 1: Employment/labour market factors

Work or study permit statusPoints
With valid work or study permit10 Points
Without valid work or study permit0 Points
The work or study permit must confer legal status.
Earnings historyPoints
$40k or more earnings in a year3 Points
Less than $40k earnings in a year0 Points

Factor 2: Education

Highest level of educationPoints
PhD10 Points
Masters8 Points
Bachelors or equivalent6 Points
College diploma or trade certificate5 Points
Less than college or trade certificate0 Points
Field of studyPoints
STEM/Health and Trades12 Points
Business and administration, social, legal, education, behavioral science, personal, security and transport services, social work and related programs6 Points
Arts and humanities, BHASE programs, n.e.c0 Points
Canadian education experiencePoints
More than one Canadian credential10 Points
One Canadian credential5 Points

Factor 3: Language

Official language abilityPoints
CLB 9 or higher10 Points
CLB 86 Points
CLB 74 Points
CLB 6 or lower0 Points
Knowledge of official languagesPoints
2 Official Languages10 Points
1 Official Language5 Points

Factor 4: Regionalization

Regional immigration: location of studyPoints
Northern Ontario10 Points
Other areas outside GTA (except Northern Ontario)8 Points
Inside GTA (except Toronto)3 Points
Toronto0 Points
Credential was completed without physically attending (in-person) classes0 Points

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