BC PNP Points Calculator (Updated Points Grid 2024)

BC PNP Points Calculator (Updated Points Grid 2024)

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is one of the most popular PNP streams to choose from Canada PNP programs. BC PNP holds regular draws twice a month, and based on points, ITAs are sent out to the applicants having met the minimum cut-off score.

BC PNP uses Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS), a points-based tool that evaluates and ranks candidates based on factors like skills, work experience, and job offers,  where registered candidates receive points, measured on a scale of 200 points (You can check below). BC conducts its PNP Draws biweekly, candidates with the highest scores receive Invitations to Apply (ITA), allowing them to submit full applications for provincial nomination.

B.C. PNP Points Calculator

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British Columbia Skills Immigration Ranking System (SIRS)

The Skills Immigration Ranking System (SIRS) is a points-based system used by British Columbia to assess and rank candidates in the Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams of the Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

FactorMaximum Points
Economic Factors (80)
Hourly Wage of B.C. Job offer55
Area Within B.C.25
Human Capital Factors (120)
Directly Related Work Experience40
Highest Level of Education40
Total Available Points200

1. Human Capital Factors (Maximum 120 points)

1.1 Directly Related Work Experience (Maximum 40 points)

You get points based on your full-time or part-time work experience that matches the job you’ve been offered in B.C. This can be from work you did in Canada or abroad.

Your work needs to be in the same job category as the one you were offered in B.C., or in a related category at a similar or higher level. Paid co-op work experience can count too if it meets certain conditions. Unpaid work experience doesn’t count for points.

Additional points are given if you have at least one year of relevant work experience in Canada. This work has to be legal and meet specific criteria.

If you’re currently working full-time in B.C. in the same job category and with the same employer as your BC PNP registration, you might also get extra points

Directly Related Work Experience in the Occupation of B.C. Job OfferPoints
5 or more years20
At least 4 but less than 5 years16
At least 3 but less than 4 years12
At least 2 but less than 3 years8
At least 1 but less than 2 years4
Less than 1 year1
No experience0
Additional points: At least 1 year of directly related experience in Canada10
Additional points: Currently working full-time in B.C. for the employer in the occupation identified in the BC PNP registration10
Maximum Score Available40

1.2 Highest Level of Education (Maximum 40 points)

Points for education are awarded based on your highest completed level of education. Partial completion is not considered, and the study duration must exceed six months. Distance learning programs do not count for points.

Additional points are available for completing education in British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada, but not for language training or distance education programs.

These extra points are only awarded for your highest level of education stated during registration.

Eligible professional Designations
OccupationEligible Professional Designations in B.C.
Any TradeTrades workers with a valid trade certificate issued by SkilledTradesBC or trades apprentices registered with SkilledTradesBC
Dental AssistantsDental Assistants certified with British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals*
Dental HygienistsDental Hygienists registered with British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals*
Dental TechniciansDental Technicians registered with British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals*
DenturistsDenturists certified with British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals*
Early Childhood Educators (ECE)ECEs with a valid ECE One Year or ECE Five Year Certificate with the Early Childhood Educator Registry
Health Care AideHealth Care Aides registered with BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registration
Pharmacy TechniciansPharmacy Technicians registered with The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia
Practical NursesPractical Nurses licenced with The British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturistsPractitioners licensed through The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC
Veterinary techniciansVeterinary Technicians registered with British Columbia Veterinary Technologists Association
Education Points
Doctoral Degree27
Master’s Degree22
Post-Graduate Certificate or Diploma*15
Bachelor’s Degree15
Associate Degree5
Post-secondary Diploma/Certificate (Trades or Non-Trades)5
Secondary School (High School) or Less0
Additional points for education in B.C. or Canada
Post-secondary education completed in B.C., or8
Post-secondary education completed in Canada (outside of B.C.)6
Additional points for professional designation in B.C.
Eligible professional designation in B.C.5
Maximum Score Available

1.3 Language Proficiency (Maximum 40 points)

Points are awarded based on your scores in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Taking a language test within the last two years can earn you additional points, provided you score CLB 4 or higher in each area for both English and French.

Canadian Language Benchmark LevelPoints
Below 4 or no test submitted0
Additional points for language proficiency in both English and French10
Maximum Score Available40

2. Economic Factors(Maximum 80 points)

2.1 Hourly wage of the B.C. job offer (Maximum 50 points)

Your wage points depend on the hourly rate in your job offer. The program checks for wage inflation. Only your hourly pay is considered, not bonuses or other additional payments.

Hourly Wage of the B.C. Job OfferPoints
$70.00 and above55
$69.00 to $69.9954
$68.00 to $68.9953
$67.00 to $67.9952
$66.00 to $66.9951
$65.00 to $65.9950
$64.00 to $64.9949
$63.00 to $63.9948
$62.00 to $62.9947
$61.00 to $61.9946
$60.00 to $60.9945
$59.00 to $59.9944
$58.00 to $58.9943
$57.00 to $57.9942
$56.00 to $56.9941
$55.00 to $55.9940
$54.00 to $54.9939
$53.00 to $53.9938
$52.00 to $52.9937
$51.00 to $51.9936
$50.00 to $50.9935
$49.00 to $49.9934
$48.00 to $48.9933
$47.00 to $47.9932
$46.00 to $46.9931
$45.00 to $45.9930
$44.00 to $44.9929
$43.00 to $43.9928
$42.00 to $42.9927
$41.00 to $41.9926
$40.00 to $40.9925
$39.00 to $39.9924
$38.00 to $38.9923
$37.00 to $37.9922
$36.00 to $36.9921
$35.00 to $35.9920
$34.00 to $34.9919
$33.00 to $33.9918
$32.00 to $32.9917
$31.00 to $31.9916
$30.00 to $30.9915
$29.00 to $29.9914
$28.00 to $28.9913
$27.00 to $27.9912
$26.00 to $26.9911
$25.00 to $25.9910
$24.00 to $24.999
$23.00 to $23.998
$22.00 to $22.997
$21.00 to $21.996
$20.00 to $20.995
$19.00 to $19.994
$18.00 to $18.993
$17.00 to $17.992
$16.00 to $16.991
Less than $16.000
Maximum Score Available55

2.2 Area of employment within B.C. (Maximum 25 points)

Your score is based on where you mainly work in B.C. This is where you usually go to work and can reasonably do your job as listed in your job offer.

You won’t get these points if the BC PNP decides you can’t do your job properly from the work location you mentioned when registering and applying.

Area 1 covers Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD), while Areas 2 and 3 are outside MVRD.

Extra points for regional experience or being an alumnus of a regional institution:

If your job is in Area 2 or 3, you might qualify for regional experience or alumni points. But if your job is in Area 1, you won’t get these extra points.

Regional experience: To get points for regional experience, you need to have worked full-time for at least a year:

  • in Area 2 or 3 (not MVRD)
  • within 5 years before signing up with the BC PNP.

Regional alumni: To qualify for alumni points, you should have graduated from a public B.C. post-secondary institution:

  • outside MVRD
  • while living outside MVRD
  • within 3 years before signing up with the BC PNP.
Area of Employment within B.C.Points
Area 1: Metro Vancouver Regional District0
Area 2: Squamish, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Mission, and Chilliwack5
Area 3: Areas of B.C. not included in Area 1 or 215
Additional Points:
Regional Experience10
Regional Alumni
Maximum Score Available25


How many points are needed for BC PNP?

The points needed for BC PNP may vary but on average, this is the average points you will need to qualify for recent draws:

  • Skilled Worker – 116
  • Skilled Worker – EEBC option – 116
  • International Graduate – 116
  • International Graduate – EEBC option -116
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled – 95

What level of CLB is needed for BC PNP?

Generally, a minimum CLB level of 4 or higher may be required for certain streams, but the requirements can differ. It is recommended to score CLB 7 or above to attain the highest possibility of getting an invitation for BC PNP.

How long does BC PNP take?

The processing time for BC PNP applications typically ranges from 1 to 2 months.


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