Saskatchewan PNP Latest Draw (SINP Updated 2024)

Saskatchewan PNP Latest Draw (SINP Updated 2024)

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is a provincial nominee program for Saskatchewan designed for skilled workers, farms, and entrepreneurs. Through regular draws, skilled individuals are invited to apply for provincial nomination, enhancing their chances of permanent residency by receiving additional points in the Express Entry system.

Saskatchewan PNP’s latest draw

The most current Saskatchewan PNP draw was held on March 07, 2024. A total of 35 ITAs were issued to SINP candidates and the CRS score required was 89 to get an invitation.

Saskatchewan 2024 Entrepreneur Stream Draws

Date: March 07, 2024

Lowest score: 89

Category: Express Entry, Occupations In-Demand

Number of invitations: 35

ITAs Issued in 2024

DateCategoryMinimum scoreInvites issued
07-03-24Express Entry8914
Occupations In-Demand8921

Saskatchewan 2024 Entrepreneur Stream Draws

DateLowest scoreAverage scoreHighest scoreNumber of invitations

ITAs Issued in 2023

DateCategoryMinimum ScoreInvites Issued
December 27, 2023Express Entry6915
December 27, 2023Occupations In-Demand6948
October 23, 2023Express Entry8459
October 23, 2023Occupations In-Demand8440
June 08, 2023Express Entry69268
June 08, 2023Occupations In-Demand69232
May 18, 2023Express Entry67784
May 18, 2023Occupations In-Demand67260
May 03, 2023Express Entry68739
May 03, 2023Occupations In-Demand68293
April 20, 2023Express Entry69444
April 20, 2023Occupations In-Demand69623
March 23, 2023Express Entry82184
March 23, 2023Occupations In-Demand82312
February 16, 2023Express Entry84117
February 16, 2023Occupations In-Demand84243

ITAs Issued in 2023 for Entrepreneur Stream

DateLowest ScoreAverage ScoreHighest ScoreNumber of Invitations
November 02, 202311513015513
September 05, 202310511514023
July 03, 202310511012535
May 04, 202310010512534
March 03, 2023809513554
January 05, 2023808513050

Previous Draws

ITAs Issued in 2022
DateNumber of invitationsMinimum Points RequiredCategory
December 21, 202215380Express Entry
December 21, 202231580Occupations In-Demand
December 15, 202234882Express Entry
December 15, 202228582Occupations In-Demand
December 15, 2022262For Ukraine
November 08, 20221069Express Entry
November 08, 20222169Occupations In-Demand
November 08, 2022464
September 28, 202263983Express Entry
September 28, 202250783Occupations In-Demand
September 15, 20225360Express Entry
September 15, 202227360Occupations In-Demand
September 07, 202252170Express Entry
September 07, 202242270Occupations In-Demand
September 06, 202214360Express Entry
September 06, 202224060Occupations In-Demand
September 06, 202218969Express Entry
September 06, 202221869Occupations In-Demand
September 01, 202231261Express Entry
September 01, 202262961Occupations In-Demand
August 25, 202229565Express Entry
August 25, 202233465Occupations In-Demand
August 18, 202241667Express Entry
August 18, 202225267Occupations In-Demand
August 11, 202243368Express Entry
August 11, 202231268Occupation-in-Demand
July 27, 202227968Express Entry
July 27, 202246968Occupation-in-Demand
July 21, 202279768Express Entry
July 14, 202243069Express Entry
July 6, 202227973Express Entry
May 05, 202227973Express Entry
March 08, 20223987Express Entry
January 12, 20223768Express Entry
ITAs Issued in 2022 for Entrepreneur Stream
DateLowest scoreAverage scoreHighest scoreNumber of invitations
ITAs Issued in 2021

DateCategoryMinimum ScoreInvites Issued
18-Nov-21Express Entry65208
18-Nov-21Occupations In-Demand65425
27-Sep-21Express Entry71152
27-Sep-21Occupations In-Demand71239
08-Sep-21Express Entry66316
08-Sep-21Occupations In-Demand66212
19-Aug-21Express Entry71161
19-Aug-21Occupations In-Demand70335
05-Aug-21Express Entry73281
05-Aug-21Occupations In-Demand73171
21-Jul-21Express Entry7784
21-Jul-21Occupations In-Demand77196
08-Jul-21Express Entry8099
08-Jul-21Occupations In-Demand80196
15-Jun-21Express Entry82103
15-Jun-21Occupations In-Demand82152
25-May-21Occupations In-Demand65269
07-May-21Express Entry70136
07-May-21Occupations In-Demand70123
22-Apr-21Express Entry70130
22-Apr-21Occupations In-Demand70139
08-Apr-21Express Entry70133
08-Apr-21Occupations In-Demand70146
25-Mar-21Express Entry70183
25-Mar-21Occupations In-Demand70235
11-Mar-21Express Entry7172
11-Mar-21Occupations In-Demand71176
25-Feb-21Express Entry70299
25-Feb-21Occupations In-Demand70197
11-Feb-21Express Entry72344
11-Feb-21Occupations In-Demand72197
21-Jan-21Express Entry77189
21-Jan-21Occupations In-Demand77313
07-Jan-21Express Entry71148
07-Jan-21Occupations In-Demand71237
ITAs Issued in 2021 for Entrepreneur Stream

DateLowest ScoreAverage ScoreHighest ScoreNumber of Invitations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the next Saskatchewan PNP Draw take place?

As per the 2023 frequency of Saskatchewan PNP draws, Saskatchewan conducts draws at least once a month, sometimes it can be more than one and sometimes none. It all depends on a number of people the province need and occupations required in the market.

How can I calculate my Saskatchewan PNP Points?

To calculate your point for Saskatchewan PNP, you need to use the Saskatchewan PNP Points calculator here.

What are the most popular streams in Saskatchewan PNP?

Here are some of the most popular and demanding streams in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP):

  1. International Skilled Worker Category:
    • Employment Offer Stream
    • Occupation In-Demand Stream
    • Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream
  2. Saskatchewan Experience Category:
    • Saskatchewan Experience – Express Entry
    • Saskatchewan Experience – Long Haul Truck Driver
    • Saskatchewan Experience – Health Professionals

What is the PNP quota of Saskatchewan 2024?

The PNP quota for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) 2024 has not become official yet but in 2023 Saskatchewan has issued a total of 7,500 notifications and in 2024 it is predicted to be around 9,500 invitations but it can be more than that.

Is the Saskatchewan PNP draw score high?

Saskatchewan PNP draws are not generally higher, the average draw for Saskatchewan PNP is around 69 – 85 which can be easily scored. Calculate your score in SINP points Calculator.


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