Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Manitoba PNP Guide

Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Manitoba PNP Guide

The Business Investor Stream (BIS) enables Manitoba to attract and nominate capable business investors and entrepreneurs globally. These individuals must possess the intention and capability to initiate or acquire businesses within the province. The stream consists of two pathways:

  1. The Entrepreneur Pathway (EP) caters to applicants looking to launch a business in Manitoba.
  2. The Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is designed for those planning to establish and manage a farm operation in rural Manitoba.

Entrepreneur Pathway

The Entrepreneur Pathway (EP) serves as Manitoba’s avenue to attract and nominate skilled business individuals globally. These individuals should possess the intention and capability to relocate to Manitoba, where they can either establish a new business, purchase one, or become partners in an existing business after arriving in Canada on a temporary work permit.
The updated EP supersedes the former MPNP-B stream, eliminating the necessity for applicants to submit a $100,000 deposit to the Manitoba government.
CriterionMinimum Requirement
Business ExperienceYou need a minimum of 3 years of full-time work experience in the last 5 years, either as an engaged business owner or in a senior management capacity within a thriving business.Business owners receive higher points compared to senior managers, with a prerequisite that business owners must hold a minimum ownership stake of 33 1/3% to qualify for points.
Language ProficiencyYou must have a minimum level of CLB/NCLC 5.
EducationYou must have a minimum education level of Canadian high school equivalency.
Net WorthA minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD is required.The verification of your personal net worth will be conducted by an MPNP-approved third-party supplier. You must submit a verification report, along with your application, to the MPNP within 120 days of receiving your LAA.
Business InvestmentFor businesses located in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, the minimum investment is $250,000 CAD. If the business is situated outside of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, the minimum investment is $150,000 CAD.The business investment must be directed towards an eligible business as defined by the MPNP. Additionally, the proposed business should generate or sustain at least one job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Manitoba, excluding the business owners and their close relatives.Details regarding the business investment must be outlined in a comprehensive business plan, which is an essential component of the application.

Preferred Criteria

Business Research Visit

  • You should undertake an in-person exploratory visit to Manitoba.
  • The business research visit enables the applicant to thoroughly investigate their prospective business investment or proposal. This visit should take place within one year before submitting your Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • During your business research visit in Manitoba, you have the opportunity to participate in information sessions for the Business Investor Stream (BIS). These sessions furnish comprehensive insights into the BIS and offer information about conducting business in Manitoba.


  • Points will be assigned based on the following criteria:
  • If your spouse possesses CLB/NCLC 5 or higher. If you or your spouse has CLB/NCLC 5 or higher in the second official language. If you, your spouse, or common-law partner has a close relative who has been residing in Manitoba for over one year.
  • If your child is actively pursuing academic, professional, or vocational training on a full-time basis at an accredited Manitoba educational institution for at least six months before submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI). If you, your accompanying spouse, or common-law partner completed a program of full-time study for at least one year at a post-secondary institution in Manitoba after turning 17, and with a valid study permit.
  • If you, your accompanying spouse, or common-law partner have undertaken at least six months of continuous full-time employment in Manitoba. A letter of reference from the employer and a copy of the work permit must be provided.


  • There is no minimum or maximum age; however, ranking points are allocated to candidates between 25 to 49 years of age.

Apply Process Overview – Entrepreneur Pathway

The Business Investor Stream Entrepreneur Pathway of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has introduced a temporary paper-based application process. The interim procedure utilizes the forms provided below. This method will remain in effect until the technical modifications to the MPNP Online system are finalized.

Step 1: Self-assess your eligibility and conduct business research

You could qualify for multiple streams and/or pathways.

For the Entrepreneur Pathway, the basic eligibility criteria include:

  • Business experience: A minimum of three (3) years of full-time work experience in the last five (5) years, either as an active business owner (with a minimum ownership of 33% or one-third) or in a senior management role of a successful business.
  • Net worth: A minimum of $500,000 CAD.
  • Official language proficiency: A minimum CLB/NCLC 5.
  • Education: A minimum equivalent to a Canadian high school certificate.

To assess your ranking score under the Entrepreneur Pathway, the Self-Assessment Form is available. The complete evaluation of your eligibility will be carried out by the MPNP upon receiving a comprehensive application.

Step 2: Submit your Expression of Interest to the MPNP

After finishing Step 1, you can send your Expression of Interest (EOI) via email to [email protected], including the following documents:

Currently, there are no EOI draws for the Business Investor Stream. All received EOIs undergo review within four weeks. The MPNP will issue a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) if the EOI aligns with the program’s requirements or provide a feedback letter if the EOI falls short of expectations.

Step 3: Receive an LAA and submit your complete application

  • Entrepreneur meeting criteria and gaining Business Concept approval receives a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) from MPNP.
  • Follow application instructions, provide all documents listed in the Document Checklist.
  • Verify net worth and source of funds with one of two designated third-party service providers.
  • Within 120 days of LAA, submit a complete electronic application with a non-refundable CAD $2,500 fee.
  • MPNP does not accept paper applications. Include all checklist documents, a Third Party Verification Report copy, and a comprehensive Business Plan in the application package.

Step 4: Assessment of your application

  1. A Business Immigration Officer (BIO) will conduct a thorough evaluation of a complete application, considering the established eligibility criteria of the MPNP.
  2. The MPNP retains the authority to prioritize applications from businesses that bring substantial economic advantages to Manitoba.
  3. Two BIOs, at a minimum, will assess your application, scrutinizing the provided information before making a recommendation for approval or refusal.
  4. Upon approval, a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) must be signed before the MPNP issues a work permit support letter.

Note: Please be aware that the MPNP may extend an invitation for an interview as part of the assessment process.

Step 5. Operate a Business in Manitoba

  • Once you Obtain a work permit before arriving in Manitoba.
  • Within 30 days of arrival, visit the MPNP in person to provide your Manitoba address and telephone number.
  • Upon reporting, you will be assigned a Business Immigration Officer as your point of contact.
  • All approved applicants must adhere to the terms of the Business Performance Agreement (BPA) and report to the MPNP within 30
  • days of arriving with a temporary work permit.
  • Business Immigration Officers can offer guidance on executing your business plan, understanding the local business environment and
  • culture, navigating regulatory requirements, establishing processes for successful operation, and connecting with external business
  • support agencies tailored to your start-up plans.

Step 6: Final recommendation

Upon fulfilling the terms and conditions of the Business Plan (BP), an entrepreneur applicant will receive a provincial nomination certificate from the Government of Manitoba. This certificate allows the entrepreneur to apply to IRCC for Canadian permanent resident status.

  • If the terms and conditions in the BPA are not met, the MPNP may reject your application.
  • Reasons for rejection include failure to fulfill BPA obligations before the expiry date. Confirmed breaches of the BPA or discovery of discrepancies in application information may lead to rejection.
  • IRCC or other authorities confirming fraudulent documentation can also result in rejection.

Farm Investor Pathway

The Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) is designed for individuals possessing verified farm business expertise, ample available capital for investment, and a commitment to establishing and operating a farm operation in rural Manitoba.
CriterionMinimum Requirement
Farm Business ExperienceA minimum of 3 years of documented experience in owning and operating a farm is required, with supporting verifiable documents.
Official Languages ProficiencyThe Farm Investor Pathway (FIP) acknowledges proficiency in either of Canada’s official languages as a crucial adaptability skill, accelerating your capacity to achieve economic establishment in rural Manitoba.If invited to a FIP interview, you must conduct the interview in either French or English.
Farm Business InvestmentA minimum investment of $300,000 CAD is required for the establishment of a farming business in rural Manitoba. The investments made in the farm business must align with eligible tangible assets as defined by the MPNP. The submission of a farm business plan is a mandatory and integral part of the application process.It is important to note that investments in a farm business primarily intended for generating passive investment income or speculative purposes are not deemed eligible.
Farm Business Research VisitYou must conduct a farm business research visit to Manitoba.
Farm Business ActivitiesThe farm business entity is expected to engage in continuous and recurring business activities in rural Manitoba. It is mandatory for you to reside on the farm and actively contribute to the management of the farm business on an ongoing basis within Manitoba.The farm business must be actively involved in primary agriculture production and demonstrate economic viability. Additionally, the MPNP mandates the implementation of value-added farm business activities in Manitoba.Activities solely based on speculation or the utilization of third-party farm managers are not considered eligible under the MPNP.
Economic Establishment AdaptabilityYou are required to showcase adaptability, particularly in terms of practical farming skills, technical expertise, and experience in technology-based farming practices that directly align with Manitoba’s existing primary farm production industry.
Net WorthA minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD is a prerequisite. The MPNP reserves the right to seek verification of your net worth and financial details through a designated third-party service provider.Should this verification be requested, the report, along with your application, must be submitted to the MPNP within 120 days of receiving your Invitation to Apply.

Apply Process Overview – Farm Investor Pathway

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has introduced a temporary paper-based application process for the Business Investor Stream Farm Investor Pathway (FIP). This interim procedure involves the use of the forms provided below and will remain in effect until the technical modifications to the MPNP Online system are finalized.

Step 1: Explore and research farm business in Manitoba

  • Confirm that you satisfy the minimum criteria for the Farm Investor Pathway.
  • Fill out a Farm Investor Pathway Interest Guidelines Form.
  • Ensure that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements before proceeding to the next stage.
    • Pay careful attention to adaptability, particularly regarding your practical farming skills, technical knowledge, and experience in technology-based farming practices that can seamlessly transition into Manitoba’s current primary farm production industry.
    • Your existing farm operation should be akin to current Manitoba farming operations concerning technology usage, technological practices, scale, equipment, production output, and other relevant factors.

Eligible Farm Business Investment

  • Residency Requirement: The farm investor must reside in rural Manitoba daily.
  • Economic Viability: The farm business must be economically viable and actively involved in primary agricultural production.
  • Land Use Restriction: Farmland must not be leased to others.
  • Active Management: The farm investor must actively manage the farm day-to-day, without using a third party or farm manager.
  • Avoidance of Speculation: The farm investor must not purchase a farm solely for land value appreciation.

Step 2: Complete the Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms

Conduct research on your intended farm business in Manitoba and familiarize yourself with the province. After evaluating your research findings and self-assessing against the FIP eligibility criteria, you might want to fill out a Farm Business Concept Form.

  1. Begin by completing the Interest Guidelines form as a potential applicant.
  2. Provide self-assessed details in the form, covering areas such as past education, adaptability, farm business experience, language proficiency, and personal net worth.
  3. Understand that the Interest Guidelines form serves a purpose similar to an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  4. Use the completed form to apply for the Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway.

Step 3: Submit your Interest Guidelines and Farm Business Concept forms to the MPNP

Upon concluding your research on the farm business and confirming eligibility for the FIP, you may submit the necessary forms via email to the MPNP. The required forms include:

  1. Your Interest Guidelines Form
  2. Your Farm Business Concept Form
  3. Code of Conduct for Immigration Representatives, if applicable

You will receive a response via email. If you fail to meet the minimum criteria for the stream, your business concept will not undergo review. It’s essential to understand that the business concept submission is not an application to the MPNP.

Step 4: Submit your full application to the MPNP

  • If you have received a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) to the MPNP, you will be sent a detailed email with instructions.
    • Your LAA may request verification of your net worth and financial information through a designated third-party service provider.
  • Carefully read and adhere to the provided Instructions and Document Checklist.
  • Electronic submission (via email) of all provincial and federal forms is mandatory;
  • physical copies of these forms will not be accepted. However, physical copies (hard copies) of supporting documents can be submitted by mail or in person.
  • To ensure your application is considered complete, all documents specified in the Instructions and Document Checklist, along with your net worth verification report, must be submitted, and the application fee must be paid within 120 days of receiving your LAA.

Step 5: Application assessment

  • Your comprehensive application will undergo evaluation by the MPNP, and this may involve an interview.
  • Should your application meet all the MPNP requirements, you will be issued a nomination certificate.
  • Upon approval for nomination, you will be directed to sign a Deposit Agreement and submit a deposit of CAD$75,000.

Step 6: Apply for permanent residence

  • After receiving the nomination, you can apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residence.
  • If your IRCC application is assessed positively, you will be granted a permanent resident visa.

Step 7: Establish your farm business in Manitoba

  • Within 30 days of becoming a Permanent Resident, inform the MPNP of your updated contact details.
  • MPNP Business Immigration Officers from the Immigration Programs Branch are available to provide information, feedback, and guidance.

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